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Tax Accountant Brisbane

Tax Accountant Brisbane

Accounting and tax responsibilities can be hard to navigate. As a business owner, tax is just another thing to worry about. Fortunately for you, we have a tax accountant on hand to help you with all of your tax needs. We offer our tax accountant services to Brisbane, Caboolture, and the Sunshine Coast.

Individual Tax Returns

We can complete individual tax returns, or tax returns for sole traders, or business partnerships. When you complete your tax return with us, you unlock year-round tax advice. Your tax accountant will endeavour to get you the maximum tax return, but we also work to set you up for future success. To do this, we set you up with the tools you need to consider and collate all of your work-related expenses throughout the financial year, so you can maximise future returns.

Company Tax Returns

We can complete company and business tax returns for you. Your tax accountant will help you maximise your return at the end of the financial year, or you can engage us earlier to work with you for ultimate success. Taking a proactive approach, we’ll provide you with the right systems, processes, and advice to get you ready to go at tax time.

Late Tax Returns

Missing the tax deadline can be stressful. We can help you get that return lodged though. Whether you were overseas, too busy, or missed a return years ago, we can help. Our tax accountants will work with you to get the return sorted and lodged. There may be penalties associated with late tax returns. This is called a “failure to lodge on time penalty”. The penalty applies to late tax returns for businesses. You can read about the “failure to lodge on time penalty” here.

Tax Audits

Australian tax laws are complex, confusing, and often pretty stressful. So, it’s the responsible choice to take a proactive approach to tax audits. Our tax accountants can get you ready for a tax audit by completing a tax risk assessment. Here, we’ll thoroughly inspect your record keeping and any documentation — especially any transactions that concern the ATO. Basically, we’ll work with you to keep you compliant and the ATO happy. If you are audited, we can communicate with the ATO on your behalf and manage the process for you.

Tax Accountant Advice

Stop losing hours to the ATO’s website and stop trying to translate tricky small business tax rules. We’re here to help. We have an intimate knowledge of the ATO and the tax rules that come with owning a small business, so we’re always around to offer you tailored and up-to-date advice when it comes to all things small business accounting and tax advice.

Taxation Planning

Success is all in the planning. It’s true for business and it’s true at tax time. Your tax accountant wants to help you reach your tax and business goals, not just minimise the tax you pay — although that’s a bonus too. Our tax planning experts know everything there is to know about tax and small businesses. We can work with you to implement clever processes and strategies to keep you organised for when June 30 hits.

Tax Compliance & Obligations

As an individual, but especially as a small business, you’ll have tax obligations you must meet. These can be pretty complex and confusing. Lucky for you, our small business tax accountants are across it. We’ll work with you to keep every detail up to par and compliant. This might mean preparing your BAS, your income tax return, or your financial reports. Or it might mean assisting you with other items like Fringe Benefits Tax or your payroll tax. Wherever you need assistance, our tax accountants can help.

Fringe Benefits Tax

Fringe Benefits Tax or FBT refers to tax on non-wage employee benefits. So, benefits your employees might receive from working for you that aren’t in wages. This could be travel, salary sacrifice, or cash-back benefits. It’s the tax that you, as a business owner, owe on the benefits you provide your staff. Our tax accountants have an in-depth understanding of Fringe Benefits Tax and can work with you to keep your business compliant. We can also review and offer advice on your current FBT structure and process.

Specialty Taxes

Our tax accountants can offer you advice on specialty tax issues and work with you to improve any current systems or strategies you have in place. We can assess your accounts, cash flow, depreciation, capitalisation, and general business expenses. From there we’ll review your practices and offer actionable advice to make better financial decisions and set your business up on the path to success.

We love offering tax accountant support to Brisbane, Caboolture, and the Sunshine Coast. Get in touch today.